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Facebook Proxy

Facebook Proxy

UNBLOCK Facebook proxy is the best freeware to access Facebook from any network with barriers and limitations for Facebook login. Facebook-proxy gives you the freedom by breaking all the network restrictions and provide you the best experience in anonymous Facebook surfing. This is the ideal tool for you to hang with your friends at your workplace or school without leaving and traces or Footprints.

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Download Facebook Proxy Standalone browser

Now you can download Unblock-Facebook Proxy standalone web browser for anonymous surfing through Facebook. This tool based on Internet explorer. But works as an independent browser, so there will no any trace or footprint on your local computer. FB proxy browser automatically connect to our private IP on start up and all data during your session will bypass your local server. All data will be routed through our VPS. This process is consuming extremely high bandwidth so it's recommended to not loading videos and other large size files through our Facebook Proxy. Please check our Disclaimer page for more security details. We don't trace any of your passwords or usernames and we never place any cookie on your local PC. You privacy and safety guaranteed.